29-30 October 2008.

Robert Jurča


Curriculum vitae

JURČA Robert, CZ – VÁRKOLY Ladislav, PL – KOUDELA Petr, CZ


Schools are thought to be ideal education organization if they are able to improve themselves, to learn from their own mistakes and if they can implement the recent information into their function. To achieve this, management of such school must pursue such level of cooperation that makes the teacher to care about success of others and whole school, as their own. It seems that technology starts to change the traditional ways of education in some way. In spite of this, there are only few cases of teachers and students cooperating with experts from outside the school, such as scientists, professors or businessmen. Rare is also the connection of parents to school activities. „Every child needs grandparents to help him with the past and computer to lead them to the future. “ And so we can just say that new technologies did not successfully remove the school walls yet.