29-30 October 2008.

Project learning supported by Integrated e-Learning
Projektové vyučovanie podporené Integrovaným e-Learningom



Time: 2008.01.01. - 00:00


Information-communication technologies (ICT) have become non-detachable part of our everyday life and so as well as in the education. The paper presents project „Energy consumption increasing and its unfavourable consequences”. This project is assigned for 9th class pupils of primary school. We   implemented into project three basic components of new strategy of education “Integrated e-Learning” (INTe-L). This strategy is based on motivation and activity of pupils via experimentation work with: a) the real experiment or the real remote experiment via Internet, b) the virtual experiments – simulations and models, c) e-textbooks or the other e-materials. We would like to achieve by means of the INTe-L strategy the change in attitudes of students towards physics and its conceptual understanding and developing collaborative learning skills.

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