29-30 October 2008.

Best Practices for Using CMS Moodle in Introductory Programming Courses



Time: 2008.01.01. - 00:00


The paper is focused on problems of teaching programming to novices at universities. We have been trying to find the optimal way of combining the traditional chalk & talk methods together with e-learning in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of programming teaching/learning. The above-mentioned electronic enhancement includes various didactic applications and computer aided activities and managing the programming course by CMS Moodle. The conducted research was qualitative. We made observations while face to face teaching as well as tutoring in the online environment. Questionnaires were used to get feedback from students. Several ways of promoting motivation and systematic active learning were examined. The using of CMS Moodle was compared to the preceding non-Moodle period. Best practices presented in the paper are based on the findings of the research. The interactive learning portfolio of a student and the methodic portfolio of a teacher, both saved electronically within the online course, are pointed out to be the most important and useful benefits.

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