29-30 October 2008.

Electronical learning objects and support of their use in education through European Schoolnet projects



Time: 2008.01.01. - 00:00


In the educational sphere, the selection of proper educational contents and of an appropriate form for their presentation to pupils and students is a significant aspect of the implementation of ICT. The learning objects represent an alternative to the traditionally utilized instructional software and electronical educational systems.

These digital resources can be repeatedly used for the educational goals without any significant limitation. Our paper specifies the mentioned objects and explains possibilities of their utilization in teaching. We also advert to two important European Schoolnet international activities – Calibrate project and Lemill community, with the object matter aiming at the support of the European teachers, cooperating on the creation, detection, evaluation, sharing and pedagogical exploitation of learning objects.


Acceptance of present: Letöltés