29-30 October 2008.

The Impact of Database Query Languages to the Database End-Users Searching Skills



Time: 2008.01.01. - 00:00


The extension of database systems forces everyone to become more familiar with techniques of data storage and retrieval because users’ success often depends on their ability to pose right questions to systems and to be able to interpret their answers. In this paper the author focuses on the problems of database end-users and their insufficient experience and skills in retrieving data from databases. The author puts a question to himself what the possibilities to bridging the gap between end-user’s abilities to putting questions into database queries and up-to-date opportunities of modern database systems are. Study programs at universities pay more attention to developing database programming skills than to data exploitation skills. The author describes the didactic experiment on the relationship between QBE-like languages and SQL. The target group was created by students with minimal knowledge of the database systems. They represent typical end-users in many similar experiments. He evaluates quantitative and qualitative indicators that compare suitability and friendliness of the QBE-like languages and SQL in teaching future end-users of database systems.


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